Vicki-Wusch-Signed1Welcome to Wusche-Associates, this is a place to help you find out more about Vicki Wusche and how I can help you become financially free with property.

After investing in property successfully and creating an on-going passive income I wanted to help others do the same.

How can I help You?

As the Property Mermaid I help my clients in different ways depending on what they need. Whether they want me to give an overview of their property portfolio; give them the strategy they need to become a successful property investor; find the perfect properties for them and manage their portfolio or to give them one on one on-going support through their journey, I help them achieve their dreams of financial freedom how they need it most.

If you want a more malleable way to learn about investing in property then one of the two books I have written may be perfect for you. To order my first book “Using Other People’s Money – How to Invest in Property”. If you have already invested in property and would like to get more from it my second book may be more appropriate “Make More Money from Property – from investor thinking to business mind-set” which is about the journey you can make to becoming a business-person by investing in property and offering services to others to create a greater income.

If you want to know how to invest in property, have a want to improve your property portfolio or need help in becoming financially free then please visit our main website here.

For Vicki’s news, views and experience compacted into blogs then please visit her blog site The Property Mermaid.